PU 82A 200x36

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Náhradní kolečko ke koloběžkám TECNIQ, TECNIQ TOP 200x36 82A s vytlačovaným vzorkem.

A- 200x36 pro Tecniq Top zadní

B- 200x36 pro Tecniq zadní

C- 200x36 pro Tecniq přední

Pro zadání dotazu na zboží se prosím přihlaste
Jméno: Montse Alenya
Text: I buyed a tecnic air scooter ... This is the rear (back) wheel ?? It could be armed whith the brake disc ??
Jméno: Patrik from TEMPISH s.r.o.
Text: Hello Montse Alenya! This wheel is for another TECNIQ model, that does not have air tires. The products you are looking for are these: https://store.tempish.com/Produkt/105100058/air-tire-200-mm and https://store.tempish.com/Produkt/105100060/inner-tube-200-mm. These are AIR tire and inner tube. If your tire is blown, replace the inner tube. If you have troubles with the brake, please send us an email with details at sale@tempish.cz. Thank you and have a nice day!